About SASC

Who is the Smart Agri-Food Supercluster (SASC)?

From farm to fork and beyond, SASC is a multi-stakeholder supercluster that will support, build and diversify Canadian agriculture.

VISION: SASC will improve agriculture’s competitiveness, productivity and market value by capitalizing on diverse expertise across Canada.

SASC is an open system for collaboration across all sectors of the value chain, including the research community, the small and largest Agri-Food players and processors, and participants outside the traditional Ag sector. By bridging geographical and technology domains, the SASC is bringing together Innovation Communities to coordinate the efforts of companies, researchers and other knowledge contributors around core projects.

The 4 Innovation Communities and initial project categories are as follows:

1. Digital Connectivity

  • Advancing Imagery and Remote Sensing

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Partnerships Connecting Platforms

  • Tools for the Smart Farm

2. Genetic/Processing

  • Soil and Root Intelligence

  • Protein and Processing Innovations

  • Photosynthetic Efficiency

3. Sustainable Livestock

  • Genomics and Rangeland Management for Sustainability

  • Technology Adoption Acceleration

  • Premium Meat Protein

4. Bio Economy and Sustainability

  • Improving sustainable performance through the value chain

  • Environmental Goods and Services Markets with streamlined metrics and verification

  • Integrated Farm Management and Trading Platforms

SASC Brochure


Collaboration Across the Value Chain

SASC will help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) commercialize and scale up innovations faster, and will unlock the value of stranded innovations by building “roads and bridges” across the value chain.

Under the SASC model, other superclusters, individual companies, NGOs, academic institutions, researchers and governments will be encouraged to collaborate.

These partnerships will enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the Canadian Agri-Food sector for years to come, leveraging investments in scalable models that drive value from farm to fork.

SASC Innovation Communities Bring Stakeholders Together

Catalyzed by Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada through the Innovation Superclusters Initiative (ISI) organizations representing multinational, small and medium sized enterprises, post-secondary institutions, government and not-for-profit organizations

A matching investment by Innovation, Science and Economic Development of $250M in the SASC will position Canadian agriculture as an undeniable leader on the world stage, drive sustainable economic growth across the country, fundamentally diversify the social landscape of agriculture and make tremendous strides in achieving sustainable intensification while accelerating the growth of a new bioeconomy in Canada and around the globe.

SASC Leadership and Governance

SASC will be a leader in Diversity and Inclusion, with a Board that is gender balanced. Diversity and inclusiveness are core values within the SASC governance model, overseen by the Governance, Sustainability and Diversity Committee.

Programs are ready to launch supporting young women in ag innovation and gardens and greenhouse businesses in First Nation communities.

Transition Board Members

Doug Beever, Nutrien (Chair)
Helle Bank Jorgensen, Global Compact Canada
Andrea Brocklebank, BCRC /CCA
Stuart Cullum, Olds College
Mary Moran, Calgary Economic Development
Rod Snyder, Field to Market
Jan Harder, Councillor, City of Ottawa
Rob Saik, Agri-Trend/Trimble
Bryan Walton, Alberta Cattle Feeders Association
Bill Whitelaw, WIN & Glacier Farm Media
Joy Romero, Clean Resource Innovation Network
Laura Kilcrease, Alberta Innovates

SASC has brought together some of the world’s largest Non Governmental Organization leaders in sustainability, the bio economy and diversity (Field to Market, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Global Compact, The International Emissions Trading Association, The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network) to help advance the supercluster goals and ensure that systems and innovations created in Canada are recognized globally.

SASC is creating the ability to digitally connect the systems-based decisions in farm management with measures and metrics to quantify the outcomes desired by farmers, food processors, food retail companies and consumers.